Monte Creek Winery

It was a beautiful (and scorching hot) day for a wedding at Monte Creek Winery. Perfect, in fact! E & C are an amazing couple who I have loved getting to know even better over the past few years. We also used to attend the same Arts school. 

The ceremony was meaningful, emotional, and only a mere 44 degrees. Full of individual touches and personal vows, E & C created their own love story. Including the groom's father and the couple's choral director from high school (and my mom) playing accompaniment. 

Finally, the beautiful reception! The unique menu of vegan fair from Uptown Chefs was amazing and definitely one of my favourites. After dinner, the beautiful bride handed out Brynn's Bakery cupcakes ... I was too full from dinner to finish mine. But I know they were a hit. After eating, the couple, their family and friends all gathered back on the lawn for the first dance, accompanied by the maid of honour and best man. This led into speeches and many memorable musical theatre numbers. The performances ended with Frozen's "Love is an Open Door" which left guests in stitches. Overall, this was a nice personal alternative to a dance party as Covid restrictions prevented it.


I left this wedding with an incredibly full heart. Thank you E & C for inviting me to capture this perfect day.